FAQ: What is an ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Amazon uses ASINs to uniquely identify every product it sells. That means that each ASIN is linked to exactly one Amazon product.

How unique are ASINs?

ASINs are 100% unique! Each product get's its own ASIN no matter how little it differs from another product. Take the two water bottles below for example. They're identical except for color, and yet they have different ASINs. The black water bottle's ASIN is "B00EPGMN1E", and the clear water bottle's ASIN is "B015DJ93PA".

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What is the format of an ASIN?

ASINs are always ten characters long and consist of only upper-case letters and numbers. Since each character can be either a letter or a number, there are 36 possibilities for each character.

How many ASINs are there?

Given that ASINs are ten characters long and each character has 36 different possibilities, there are 3610 possible ASINs. That's 3,656,158,440,062,976 possible ASINs! In other words, Amazon can give over 3,000 trillion products their own unique ASIN and still have room to spare!

How can I find an Amazon product's ASIN?

That's easy! Navigate to the product you're interested on Amazon. Copy the URL (or web address) from your browser's address bar. Paste that URL into the Amazon price tracker Pricer Pro's search bar. Hit enter. The last ten characters of the URL (or web address) of the Pricer Pro product page that comes up are the product's ASIN. (This process is subject to change.)

Alternatively, you can try to pick the ASIN out of a product's Amazon URL yourself. Amazon URLs usually follow a format similar to ".../dp//...". Just look for "dp" in the URL, and the ASIN is probably the next set of ten letters and numbers in the URL. Can you pick out the ASIN in the URL below? (Answer: it's B015DJ93PA.)


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