FAQ: What is an Amazon Price Tracker?

An Amazon price tracker is an online service that alerts you when prices on Amazon drop. Amazon is a huge online retailer known for shipping products to customers very quickly and cheaply. By being notified of when a product drops in price on Amazon, a smart consumer can make sure they get the best deals all the time. If you're not using an Amazon price tracker, than you should be.

What does Pricer Pro do?

Pricer Pro tracks Amazon prices for its users. When a user performs a search on Pricer Pro, all of the matching products get added to the Pricer Pro database. These products are continually checked on a rotating basis. Since Amazon limits how often Pricer Pro can ask for price updates, Pricer Pro prioritizes products that our users are interested in.

How often does Pricer Pro check for price updates?

If a user creates a price watch, or "tracks" a product, then Pricer Pro will check that product for price updates much more often. Currently, tracked products are updated every hour or so. The time between updates for tracked products may increase or decrease in the future. Untracked products are checked as often as possible, but because there are so many products on Amazon, the time between updates may be several days.

How can Pricer Pro help me save money?

If there is a specific product you want to buy, find that product on Pricer Pro and "track" it by clicking the "track" button. (The wording on the button may change in the future.) Pricer Pro will then check that product's price every couple of minutes. If the price falls, we'll send you an email right away. Then you can buy it at a great price.

The "Track Price" button on Pricer Pro

How else can Pricer Pro help me save money?

While Pricer Pro is checking the prices of products on Amazon, it's not uncommon that we run across deals not featured anywhere else! These types of price drops are typically not because of sales. As products are on the market for longer, they become cheaper to produce, so their sale price can be reduced as well. When this happens, Amazon drops their price without telling anyone.

There are many other reasons why Amazon will periodically change the price of any item it is selling. Whatever the reason, Pricer Pro tracks price changes over time to figure out when the best time to buy something. Whatever the reason, Pricer Pro compiles a list of the biggest Price Drops on Amazon and puts them in one place for you to browse, the Best Deals page.

The desktop link to the best deals on Amazon

This page shows all the products Pricer Pro has found with prices that are much lower than they were in the past. Sometimes the prices shown are the lowest prices that a product has ever been sold for! If you're curious, you can click on a product and see its price history.

The mobile link to the best deals on Amazon

If you see a great price for a product on the Best Deals page, but you don't have the money to buy it right now, don't worry! The prices on Amazon are changing all the time. Even if the price goes back up, it's likely that it'll come back down fairly soon in the future. In that case, Pricer Pro has your back! Just click the "track" button for that product, and Pricer Pro will email you the next time the price drops!

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FAQ: How Can I Save Money on Amazon?