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Own Your Value: Launch Your Own Profitable Pharmacy Practice in the Next 90 Days

Own Your Value: Launch Your Own Profitable Pharmacy Practice in the Next 90 Days
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Own Your Value: Launch Your Own Profitable Pharmacy Practice in the Next 90 Days
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Your Pharmacy Degree will get you a job, but your business skills will create your wealth

1. Time Freedom to practice when you want.

2. The location freedom to practice where you want.

3. And the financial Freedom to fuel financial independence.

This book challenges you to rethink your assumptions, overcome your fears, find the time you need, and create new practice models that will revitalize your earning capacity.

The future of your pharmacy career lies in learning to control your own destiny. Successful entrepreneurs don’t wait for permission. They exercise their will to be great. Learn how to start building your own income streams to secure you own financial security.

Which employer out there will guarantee you that you will still have the same job in ten years? Hey which employer can even guaranteed you that they will still be in business in ten years?

This is not a doomsday message book. It is actually a call to arms to practice at the top of your profession!

Dr. Alston helps frustrated, overworked professionals worried about the state of their profession, select and implement the best value strategy possible so they can get paid what they are worth and build a secure future for themselves and their families.

A tribe is any group of people united by a common idea and led by a leader. Greg's tribe (The Value Tribe) believes that the Real Pharmacists are needed to provide real care to real patients. Patients never fit the guidelines. They need pharmacists to figure out what they need and figure out how to get it to them.

If you want to become the best professional in the world at what you do then you need to develop the will to be great, the desire to excel and the ability to create value for your stakeholders.

His revolutionary ideas about business design allows pharmacists who own community drug stores to better manage their patient outcomes by utilizing highly trained clinicians to manage the complicated specialty disease states. Ambulatory Care pharmacy specialists can use a telemedicine model to treat patients in a community setting in league with store owners.

The healthcare system in America is evolving rapidly from a mom and Pop shop world to a corporate culture where the needs of an individual patient frequently get lost under the piles of regulations, processes and procedures mandating by bureaucrats. pharmacists have always been on the front lines providing primary care triage service for the entire health care system.

So why are so many people trying to minimize the value we provide to millions of people daily in every town in the country. there is a reason that we are continually near the top of the list for most trusted professionals. But our profession has done a poor job of communicating our value to our stakeholders.

The simple message is that if you fail to create value then you will fail to get paid in the future.

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