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The Advanced Ventilator Book

The Advanced Ventilator Book
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The Advanced Ventilator Book
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The Advanced Ventilator Book is a companion to the best-selling The Ventilator Book and is written for clinicians who already have a solid foundation in the basics of mechanical ventilation. It goes beyond the ventilator itself to discuss strategies for severe hypoxemia and rescue maneuvers for refractory respiratory failure.

Subjects covered in The Advanced Ventilator Book include:
•Optimal PEEP
•Treatment of severe bronchospasm
•Prone positioning
•Therapeutic neuromuscular blockade
•Inhaled nitric oxide
•Veno-Venous ECMO
•The seven rules of severe respiratory failure

Dr. William Owens explains these complex concepts in a clear and readable manner. Like the original, this book is meant to be used in the ICU or Emergency Department instead of the library. The focus is on the bedside care of critically ill patients, as it should be.

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