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Protecting William (Litmus Book 2)

Protecting William (Litmus Book 2)
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Protecting William (Litmus Book 2)
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William has always been destined for great things. With his family being one of the most respected in the country, he has a lot to live up to.
All Will wants to do, just for one night is to forget about responsibility and obligation. He wants to go out, have fun, and enjoy being a regular teenager; to forget he has the surname Daniels. Maybe that's why his older sister, Nuka, ran away and hasn't been seen since - the family pressure breathing down her neck got too much.
Sneaking out with his best friend, Seth, Will finds himself in the depths of the exclusive underground fight club, Litmus. The plan was to watch. The plan definitely wasn't to compete. Finding Nuka among the competitors changes that.


Litmus is a spin-off of The Institute Series. While it is set in the same world, and characters from The Institute make appearances, it can be read as a separate series.
Protecting William is upper YA, suitable for people fifteen years and older.

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