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Losing Nuka (Litmus Book 1)

Losing Nuka (Litmus Book 1)
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Losing Nuka (Litmus Book 1)
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**Winner of the 2016 Kindle Book Awards**

Raised by adoptive parents since the age of six, Nuka James starts questioning her past. Unable to get the answers she seeks, she goes in search of the one person who can tell her the truth—her birth mother.
When her search leads her to Litmus, Nuka wants to prove she’s worthy. Litmus is the infamous underground club where Defectives use their supernatural abilities to fight it out for money, fame, and glory. Litmus is where you find out what you’re made of.
Nuka wants to win her mother’s approval, but doing it without losing herself might be impossible.


Litmus is a spin-off of The Institute Series. While it is set in the same world, and characters from The Institute make appearances, it can be read as a separate series.
Losing Nuka is upper YA, suitable for people fifteen years and older.

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