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Canada - a practical immigration guide

Canada - a practical immigration guide
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Canada - a practical immigration guide
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If you dream of a better life in Canada, and feel that it is just that – a dream – you will find that this book is your complete guide to make this dream come true. This practical immigration guide is a an all-encompassing resource that will greatly simplify your move to Canada and make your immigration as comfortable, easy, and pain-free as possible.
Written by Canadian consultant and immigrant Ingeborg Nilsen, she shares her own experiences from the immigration process and the useful tips and lessons she learned along the way.

This guide provides:
•Useful advice and tips in easy-to-read language
•Numerous checklists and to-do lists that makes this guide actionable and interactive
•Direct links to the best web pages and immigration resources
•The latest immigration laws and regulations

This book covers all the different immigration categories and advice on how to proceed in each category.

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