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Fargo: Season 2

Fargo: Season 2
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Fargo: Season 2
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Nominated for 3 Golden Globes®, including Best Television Limited Series, and featuring a phenomenal cast, FARGO returns for a critically acclaimed second season. Set in 1979, this all-new true crime saga kicks off with violent foul play at a South Dakota Waffle Hut. In a flash, the case ensnares a small-town beautician (Golden Globe® nominee Kirsten Dunst*), a Minnesota state trooper (Golden Globe® nominee Patrick Wilson**) and a local sheriff (Ted Danson) all set against the backdrop of an explosive Midwestern mob war. Is FARGO Season Two chock full of riveting suspense, brilliant performances and darkly hilarious humor? You betcha.

*Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series. **Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series.

Bonus Features:
Disc 1:
**Waiting for Dutch
**Before the Law

**Skip Sprang TV Commercial

Disc 2:
**Myth of Sisyphus, The
**Fear and Trembling
**Gift of the Magi, The

**The Films of Ronald Reagan: Audio Commentary by Bruce Campbell

Disc 3:
**Did You Do This? No, You Did It!

Disc 4:
**Castle, The

**Waffles and Bullet Holes: A Return to Sioux Falls
**Lou on Lou: A Conversation With Noah Hawley, Keith Carradine and Patrick Wilson
**The History of True Crime in the Midwest

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