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Marc Anthony has done it again and once again he released an album that tops everything else anyone has every done. Buy this album, because the songs are unbelievable! True talent! Every song brings something so special to the album. The single "Celos" will make you get off your seat and start dancing and you will not sit down untill you've played the entire CD several times. If you are into ballads, Marc got it also--the songs such as Caminare (which is incredible, especially in the middle of the song when he breaks into hot salsa), Viviendo (the musical and vocal stylings of which are so beautifull, you wont believe its possible to have such a combination in a song). And of course, Marc does it again with his Salsa. The songs such as "Hasta que vuelvas conmigo" will not leave ANYONE seating still. It's energizing, its addictive, its incredible! And the two beauties of the CD are "Este loco que te mira" AND "Barco A AL deriva", which will blow you away with Marc's ability to make you ache with every note, make you feel every single sound. What an experience! This is his best CD yet and this is the number one CD on the charts.

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