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The Design-Inspired Innovation Workbook

The Design-Inspired Innovation Workbook
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The Design-Inspired Innovation Workbook
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This book argues for the need to make design the driving force for propelling innovation, as it provides important impetus for innovation, realizing dreams and obtaining a different focus from cost, technology, or production processes. Design also evokes creativity of a higher order and causes unexpected and inventive cross-fertilization across traditional borders or disciplines. This volume offers the "how-to's" for designing for successful novelty, and discusses issues such as product language and meaning, and connecting with the end-user. It will also serve as a checklist, primer, and handbook, providing the reader-practitioner hands-on, but sometimes provocative advice. The Design-Inspired Innovation Workbook is an indispensable handbook and important foundation for facilitating dialog between internal and external product service managers and designers, and aims to cover a vast arena of design-cum-innovation efforts while making the reader discover or invent the exact undertakings by him or herself.

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