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EndoProsthodontics: A Guide for Practicing Dentists

EndoProsthodontics: A Guide for Practicing Dentists
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EndoProsthodontics: A Guide for Practicing Dentists
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Written by renowned international experts in the field of restoration of endodontically treated teeth, this book details the endodontic, restorative, and esthetic principles of treating pulpless teeth. Topics include how to avoid fractures, endodontic retreatment versus extraction and implant placement, use of direct and indirect restoration, tooth whitening after endodontic treatment, use of fiber posts, treating subgingival defects, and use of porcelain veneers versus ceramic crowns. Each chapter includes detailed clinical cases, step-by-step descriptions of technical protocols, algorithms, and practical tips for everyday use.
1,423 illustrations
1. Are Root Canal Treated Teeth More Fragile than Vital Teeth?
2. When to Decide on Retreatment and How to Execute It?
3. When to Use Fiber Posts to Restore Root Canal-Treated Teeth?
4. How to Prepare Root Canal-Treated Teeth for Indirect Restorations?
5. How to Bleach Discolored Teeth?
6. How to Obtain Esthetic Direct Restoration in Root Canal-Treated Anterior Teeth?
7. Can Porcelain Veneers Be Placed on Root Canal-Treated Teeth?
8. How to Proceed in Cases with Subgingival Defects?
9. How to Restore Discolored Anterior Teeth Resistant to Bleaching, Simply and Predictably?
10. Criteria of Decision Making in Compromised Cases: Is an Implant Preferred to a Tooth?

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