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Clinical Manifestations & Assessment of Respiratory Disease

Clinical Manifestations & Assessment of Respiratory Disease
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Clinical Manifestations & Assessment of Respiratory Disease
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Learn to assess and treat respiratory care disorders! Now in full color, Clinical Manifestations and Assessment of Respiratory Disease, 6th Edition bridges normal physiology and pathophysiology to provide a solid foundation in recognizing and assessing conditions. Authors Terry Des Jardins and George G. Burton describe how to systematically gather clinical data, formulate an assessment, make an objective evaluation, identify the desired outcome, and design a safe and effective treatment plan, while documenting each step along the way. Unique coverage of Therapist-Driven Protocols (TDPs) prepares you to implement industry-approved standards of care.

  • Unique! Clinical scenarios connect to specific diseases so you can better understand the disease and the treatment modalities used.
  • Unique! A focus on assessment and Therapist-Driven Protocols (TDPs) emphasizes industry-approved standards of care, providing you with the knowledge and skills to implement these protocols into patient care. 
  • Case studies help in applying information to assessment and treatment. 
  • Overview boxes summarize the clinical manifestations caused by the pathophysiologic mechanisms of each disorder. 
  • End-of-chapter questions include multiple-choice, short answer, matching, and case studies to test knowledge and understanding, pointing out areas that might require further study. 
  • A glossary of key terms with definitions is included in the back of the book.
  • Appendices offer easy access to information such as calculations, symbols, medications, and measurements, plus answers to selected case studies.
  • A unique full-color design enhances content and shows realistic examples of diseases and conditions.
  • Student-friendly features reinforce learning with chapter outlines, objectives, and key terms.
  • A consistent presentation of disease information shows background, treatment, and assessment for each condition so you learn the material in a clear, cohesive manner.
  • Over 15 additional case studies with answers are added to the companion Evolve website.

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